Parish Councils

Pastoral Council

Our Parish Mission Statement: “With One Soul, empowered by the Holy Spirit, Our SJB Family engages each other to live the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Pastoral Council, comprised of 10 parishioners, is the parish body responsible for providing a comprehensive plan for meeting the spiritual, educational, emotional and physical needs of the parish family and the social concerns of our community and to promote these pastoral actions. We share these responsibilities with the Archdiocese and its representative in our parish, Fr. Jorge Hernandez, Pastor.  Current members are: Mitch Wall (Council Chair) Phil Lisac, Adriana Carillo, Brendan McCarthy, Dr. Angie Gomez, John Johnson, Karen Varner, Luis Alfro, Michelle Colcado, Jim Foglio and Glenn Ostapeck. Libbie Allen and Kim Zea (Staff)

The Pastoral Council in support of our overall parish mission is responsible for providing counsel to the pastor on the life of the parish, including issues focused on liturgy, seniors, church and facility accessibility, evangelization, and welcoming among several other areas. Currently, the Pastoral Council oversees the Neophyte Reception and the parish feast day of St. John the Baptist.

How to Join Us: Call the parish office and talk with the Pastor.

Finance Council

The Finance Council exists to advise the Pastor on matters relating to both short term and long term financing plans and strategies and to provide oversight for both church and school operations. Included in these ongoing advisory responsibilities are the parish annual operating budget, ongoing maintenance of the parish campus, capital improvement and expansion plans for the church and school as well as major fundraising or debt financing related to any of these projects.

The Finance Council meets on a monthly basis and consists of five member parishioners in addition to the Pastor, Parish Business Manager, and Development Director.

Liturgy Commission

The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy states, “It is very much the wish of the church that all the faithful should be led to take that full, conscious, and active part in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy, and to which the Christian people, ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a redeemed people’ (1 Pet. 2:9,4-5) have a right and to which they are bound by reason of their Baptism” (SC, 14).

What we do:

The role of the Liturgy Commission at St. John’s is to work with the pastor and parish staff in planning, preparing for/and assisting in vibrant, conscious and active participation of the people of God in all liturgical celebrations.

Our Liturgy commission is made up of a group of dedicated parishioners appointed and representing each of the Liturgical Ministries. The Liturgy Commission meetings are on the second Sunday of every month at 8:45am in the Jordan Room of the parish center.

How to contact: Meet the Pastor

Eligibility: Member of any Liturgical Ministry.

Tri-Council Members

Fr. Jorge, Barbara Downey, Libbie Allen, Dr. Gomez(Staff); Mitch Wall, Brendan McCarthy, Phil Lisac (Pastoral Council);

John Hawkins, Matt Weber (School Advisory Council); Denny Stoecklin, Dan Palmer (Finance Council)