English Religious Education Pre-K - 5th

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Sacramental Preparation begins September 9th  from 11:30- 1:00.  It is a parent/child program taking place the second Sunday of each Month.  It is in conjunction with either Religious Education, Family Ministry, or attendance at a Catholic School.  

Children's Religious Education (RE) begins Monday, September 10th from 6:00 - 7:15. It is weekly.  

If you can't make Wednesday's class, or if you want something extra for your family, we are having Family Ministry Sunday mornings from 8:45 to 9:45. Contact us for more details.

My name is Jessica Crenshaw and I started here a few years ago and have enjoyed meeting many of you. When I was growing up, my family sent their children to both public school and Catholic School. The culture in the Northwest is difficult, and there is a lot of peer pressure to do things that insult our dignity in Christ and hurt others, even when we don’t intend to. My siblings and I, though not perfect, were able to rise above this by being part of Religious Education and by having a strong community within The Church. Our friends were the people with whom we praised God and received The Sacraments, and with whom we learned about Our Dignity in Christ and the ways we live in His Grace. Our parents were involved in the ministry as well. We learned, not only about Faith, but to be a part of The Church.

This is what we offer to you: a strong formation in faith to nurture a Grace-filled life, and a solid community in Christ. The Catholic Church is a family, and St. John the Baptist Parish is a family. We encourage you to invite your children in to the community, and to work with us to teach them the ways that Christ taught us. So many people in the culture walk around lost, not knowing the next thing that will or won’t satisfy. But we have a chance to give our children a solid foundation and a beautiful place to belong.

Our Goal
The St. John the Baptist's Religious Education Program seeks to provide to all parishioners the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for their ongoing formation to Jesus Christ and the Gospel in order to bring about full participation in the life of the Catholic Church. In nurturing all age groups we will foster community among the children, families and the parish community, encouraging all to be good stewards of the gifts God has given them, using these gifts to proclaim, celebrate and serve the Kingdom of God.

Our Focus
The Office of Religious Education focuses on the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and His Church in proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom of God.The Religious Education Office is responsible for parish-based religious education/catechetical programs. These programs are for all ages - religious education is life-long learning. Catechesis includes sacramental preparation (Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation), religious education programs for pre-school, K-6, junior high, senior high, and adults(because it a family ministry).The Office of Religious Education focuses on the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and His Church in proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom of God.

Getting Started
We welcome you to St. John the Baptist’s Religious Education program! We are happy and privileged to have the opportunity to work with you and your family on your faith journey. Below are links to the materials you will need to both understand the program and integrate it with your own schedule. If you have any questions please call or email Jessica Crenshaw 503.659.2760, jcrenshaw@sjbcatholicchurch.org.

Catechists and Volunteers

Essential to the success of the Religious Education program is having a dedicated group of adult and young adult volunteers willing to help and nurture our faith with our youth. Participants have the opportunity for additional and on-going training and education through the Archdiocese.  We have some excellent and well trained catechists, and we could use a few more. If  the Holy Spirit is calling you, come join us! 

At St. John the Baptist Catholic Church we employ many resources for our children to learn.  The Religious Education program uses the series Alive in Christ which is published by Our Sunday Visitor.  These books have the same topics per age level but in varying depth, allowing us to have a community and family focus. They are strong in scripture and we are excited about or new program.