Advent Fair Items Needed

CLICK HERE to download flyer. Advent Fair 2017

Greens Needed

Bring to the patio by the Cafeteria December 1st or 2nd. 

Helpers Needed

Take home items to cut out!  Help bend wire, help set up, or help man a station. 

Items Needed

White Styrofoam balls (big enough for a globe ornament)
Peppermint candies or other wrapped hard candies (1,000)
White 8x 11 card stock (400 Sheets) and Red Paper (1 ream)
Electric tea lights (50)
Elmer’s Liquid Glue (8 tubes) and Glitter Glue (12 tubes of various colors )
Plain white paper plates (50)
Hot glue sticks and a glue gun
Candy Canes (100)
White, brown, and blue felt (10 sheets)
5 bags cotton balls,
Washable stamp pads (2, any color)
Christmas-themed Cookie cutters
Large paperclips or ornament hooks

Contact Jessica, 503-659-2760