Vacation Bible School Needed Items

Items Needed for Snacks and Preschool
Vacation Bible School
Please let me know if you can donate any of these. Thanks! 503-659-2760

__80 Individual yogurt cups – any flavor (vanilla preferable)
__6 11 oz boxes vanilla wafers or like cookie
__80 Swedish fish
__Lightly salted popped popcorn, 6 big bags or 12 small bags
__3 54 oz bags of skittles candies
__ A large bag of dried cranberries
__Goldfish shaped multicolored crackers (3 30 ounce cartons)
__24 bottles of fruit juice (any tropical flavor)
__12 cans of citrus flavored la croix
__80 vanilla or vanilla and sherbet ice cream cups
__3 large bags of ice
__Strawberries to be delivered Thursday July 12th. 40 count
__5 boxes Graham crackers
__3 bags pretzel sticks
__12 fruit by the foot rolls

__1 container gluten free graham crackers
__1 container gluten free goldfish cookies
__1 bag gluten free pretzel sticks

__50 resealable gallon bags
__50 snack size resealable bags
__80 plastic spoons
__80 clear pastic sandwich bags not resealable
__80 clear plastic snack bags not resealable
__80 small rubber bands
__80 clothespins,
__1 inch heart stickers
__12 toy sand pails with shovels
__20 9 oz plastic cups
__80 5 oz cups
__80 paper plates
__50 paper soup-sized bowls

Individually wrapped chips -- as many as you’d like to donate
Fruit—as much as you’d like to donate

__200 Cotton balls
__1 box of crackers
__CD player to borrow
__Large plastic coins. 1 pack
__Washable markers 2 packs
__Glue dots
__50 resealable plastic bags
__10 empty Gatorade style bottes. (individual size, wide mouthed)
__Wooden ice cream spoons.. just one pack
__Wading pool (can be borrowed)
__White rice ( 1 bag)
__1 bag of sand
__1 small bag wild rice
__3 disposable aluminum roasting pans
__2 whole coconuts
__4 hula hoops
__2 backpacks
__2 blankets
__2 fishing nets
__Plastic toy boat