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People come to  Catholic RCIA sessions for many reasons:
• Some want to better understand a family member's religion.
• Some have children in the school and want to understand the faith their child is being taught.
• Some are attracted to the Catholic Church for its style of worship, or its moral beliefs, or its sense of tradition.
• Some Catholics want to update their own knowledge of the Catholic faith.

For whatever you are interested in, we hope you feel welcome! The Catholic Inquiry is a time to explore and learn about Catholicism. It is also a first step for adults who wish to be baptized or for people who have already been baptized in another denomination and now wish to be Catholic. We hope you feel at home in our church and welcome to join us. Call or email Kim Zea at 503.654.5449 or for more information.

If you know someone who has been asking questions about the Catholic faith please invite them to our parish RCIA sessions. RCIA sessions are also very helpful if you are a Catholic but have been away from the Church for a few years. We cover the basic teachings of the Church and it is a very comfortable setting.

RCIA for teens and children is a process for young people who are not baptized Catholic to meet in a very comfortable environment. They have the opportunity for informal education on the Catholic Church, to ask questions, and prepare for the Sacrament of Initiation at the Easter Vigil. If you have a teen that has not received their sacraments please call Kim to set up an appointment to begin the process.

RCIA for children is designed for children ten years old and younger who have not received their sacraments. This process will introduce your child to the basic teachings of the Catholic Church and prepare them for the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and Eucharist.