Heart Pillow Ministry

The Heart Pillow Ministry began in 2009 by Mary Deane Smith who explained that following surgery, cardiac patients must cough to expand their lungs. To ease the pain, they grip a heart-shaped pillow to their chests when coughing, making it so much easier. Volunteers have sewn over 1,000 pillows which were given to grateful heart patients at Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital. Until recently, the pillows were made at the homes of volunteers, but now there is a small group that meets at St. John’s on the first and third Thursdays from 1:00-3:00. As of June 2014 we are now making oncology pillows for breast cancer surgeries instead of pre-mentioned cardiac patients.

We have people who cut, assemble, and sew. No experience is necessary, except the desire to do something useful while enjoying each others company.

If you have questions, please call Mary Deane Smith at 503-654-7000. Even if you have never sewn before, you can do it.