Altar Servers

The Altar Servers’ role in the Church is to assist the Priest and Deacon in all liturgical celebrations, beginning with the Celebration of the Mass. The Altar Server trains and studies, learning and growing in the understanding of faith and in his/her relationship with God and His Church. Servers develop many lifelong skills in this ministry. Most importantly, they are models of devotion and reverence in worship for the entire congregation. Servers are generally boys and girls 4th-12th grade.   

We have been teaching the children to become Altar Servers for a long time. There are a few things we have noticed about what happens to the children once they begin their journey into this ministry. At first they are a little nervous and even a little scared.  We tell them that it is okay to be nervous or scared and not to worry about making mistakes. As time goes on and they stay the course, they become more confident in themselves and their tasks on the
Altar.  This is their first ministry, their first opportunity to live their faith in a giving way. Talk to your children about becoming an Altar Server. Contact Karen Varner, 503 659-6900, or Beth Sawtelle, 503 654-8878 for more information.