What We Do: The lector assists at Mass by proclaiming the first and second readings, and occasionally the Psalm. With reverence and confidence, the lector brings scripture to life on Sunday as the storyteller of God’s Word, reminding us that God’s work is alive here and now. Reading from the Word of God is central to the Catholic Mass, and should effectively communicate God’s grace and love to everyone in the church. Later in the Mass at the General Intercessions, the lector reminds us of our local and global connections, and helps us pray for those in need.

Lectors attend a training/renewal session in the fall every year, where they learn their responsibilities. They also have an opportunity to practice reading from the lectern. Our instructor coaches the lectors in microphone technique, actions, posture at the lectern, and how to speak clearly with vitality. The training is designed to help our new lectors feel comfortable proclaiming the Word. Lectors usually read at least once a month.

How to Join Us:
Eligibility: Lectors must have received the sacrament of Confirmation, and be 16 years of age or older.

Contact: Call Michelle Murphy at (503) 653-6264.