Music Ministry

What We Do:

Music has been an important part of St. John the Baptist parish for many years. It consists of an adult choir which sings twice per month and for special feasts - especially Christmas & Easter; a children's choir that sings once per month and joins the adult choir for selected works; a youth band singing once a month; Spanish choir and band that participates weekly and for special liturgies; and a variety of ensembles, cantors, accompanists and other musicians. These are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people, committed to encouraging full participation in the liturgies!

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on developing, creating and recruiting for Sunday liturgies, special feasts, Holy Days of Obligation and services unique to the parish. The dynamics broadened and deepened with the advent of the Spanish Mass a few years ago, enriching the combined communities with new and varied sounds, including some additional celebrations such as Day of the Dead and an expanded Lady of Guadalupe Mass.

As we approach a season of liturgical change, stemming from decisions within the Bishop's Conference, we do so not only with an eye to the future, embracing the richness of what is to come, but also recognizing the importance of the tried and true, the familiar, our "comfort" music so to speak. Every effort will be made to retain literature that is integral to our everyday life as active parishioners. Even if you do not sing in a choir or group, please help participate in our music program by sharing your favorites with us. Tell us what you know and love, and join your voices with ours as we all share together in sung prayer and praise. It will be a welcome gift!

We would love to have you join us in the Music Ministry. 

Contact: Rudy Lopez 503-654-5449 or