Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

“Sports do not build character…they reveal it.” John Woodson
CYO athletics exist to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities under conditions that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation. CYO has concern for the whole person, made up of body, mind and spirit. An attempt should be made to respond to the interests and needs of the individual by encouraging the total growth and development of the young person. Physical fitness, positive mental attitude and spiritual growth are all important in developing the whole person. All eligible youth are given the opportunity to participate with no "cuts". The number of teams formed will depend on the number of interested participants. Once the season starts, every youth should play in every sport event. Participation, involvement and being able to play are far more important than winning a particular sport event or having the best win/loss record. Developing the individual is the focus; the sport event is merely the tool. Beyond the written rule there is a proper spirit in which to engage in competitive sports. Fair play and sportsmanship are the essence of CYO athletics. Participation alone does not guarantee sportsmanlike attitudes and values such as honesty, fair play and citizenship. Coaches, parents and adult leaders must be role models and explain why these behaviors are appropriate. Winning is an important objective in sports. To not seek victory is to be a dishonest competitor; but winning must not be the only objective. Adults must help athletes understand that there is more to sports than a win/loss record. Youth must be taught that success is found in striving for victory. The most important concept is that if they give their maximum effort and strive for success, there are no losers. When winning is kept in perspective, the youth first and winning second, sports programs produce youth who feel good about themselves, respect others, accept responsibilities, strive for excellence, improve skills, have fun and look forward to future participation in sports. This is the purpose of CYO athletics.
St. John the Baptist Catholic School offers its gym for CYO volleyball and basketball practice and games. In the Spring, CYO Lacrosse is practiced and played on St. John’s school field. Currently St. John’s School fields teams for football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse.
If you are interested in helping coordinate CYO activities, please contact St. John’s CYO Athletic Director Patrick Gabrish, 503.659.4970.