Young Ladies Institute (YLI)

From the YLI website

YLI is an organization of Catholic Women dedicated to the Christian principles of charity and Love.
YLI was founded in San Francisco on September 5, 1887, by three young women inspired to help an ill friend.
Approximately 8500 women belong in California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.
Our history reflects a sisterly care and concern for each other and for those in need.
Our purpose is to help others in our organization, our church and our community.
We are an organization for all seasons of life. Some joined just out of high school, some were “Social Security age” and many in between; but we know that: When there is a need – YLI Sisters will be there.

The YLI serving St. John’s includes women from seven parishes in the Portland metropolitan area, although most are parishioners here at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. They are known for their annual Seminary Burse Luncheon, raising much needed funds for the education of seminarians at Mt. Angel. St. John’s receives a $100 donation from this event.

YLI members are often involved with other ministries in their parishes. Their primary ministry at St. John’s is organizing and serving at funeral receptions. There are four teams who alternate depending on need – and sometimes that means staffing three receptions per week. For the funerals we are in contact with the family. Many times we are consultants when asked what to have, how much to order, where to order. We set up the food, arrange the food, make the drinks, replenish the food, serve coffee and punch, clean up and box up the leftovers for the family, clean up the cafeteria and Saalfeld rooms, and dump all the garbage. YLI is actively seeking volunteers to assist in this ministry. If you can help, please contact Judy Gyanti at 503-653-5249. You do not need to be a member of YLI to help with funeral receptions, and it is a great way to meet YLI members and learn more about the organization.

YLI members at St. John’s also:

►Some are Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, sing in the choir & take Communion to the homebound.
►Drive the homebound to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and to and from Mass.
►Members are in the Pastoral Council, Liturgy Commission, Legion of Mary, ACCW, St . Vincent de Paul, and Feed the Hungry at St. John the Episcopal Church.
►Helped initiate the 2010 Campus Clean up with the Knights of Columbus, including the washing of the parish center chairs and power washing of the walkways and courtyard.
►Assist with the Advent Potluck, Church Picnic, Fiesta Latina, and Soup Suppers.
►Host Coffee & Donuts at least twice a month.
►A member volunteers to work summer children's Bible Camp.
►Members have set up refreshments for different functions held in the Saalfeld room for Church greeters and for Coffee & Conversation events.
►Host a parish Christmas Bazaar, Santa's Treasures in November and also donate another $100 of the proceeds to St. John's Church.
►We also pay $300 facility rent to St. John's Parish each year.                                                                                                                            ►Help stuff envelopes, help with special mailings, help put the bulletins together and count money after Mass.

YLI meets once a month in the Jordan room. We have79 members, of which 11 belong to six other Parishes besides St. John's. We also have six members who live out of state. Of the remaining members of St. John the Baptist Parish, about 50 of them are active at St. John's in one or more of these activities. So this means we are involved in seven parishes total. For more information contact Judy Gyanti our President at