Sign up for Holy Mass

Public Masses have resumed at St. John the Baptist!

UPDATE Nov. 16, 2020: The state-mandated limits on public gatherings in places of worship has been temporarily reduced to 25 people at a time.

To attend WEEKDAY MASSES, you no longer need to sign up ahead of time. Simply sign in with your name and phone number when you enter the church. The number of participants MUST remain at or below 25, so parishioners are asked to self-monitor the number of people signed up. 

To attend the SATURDAY VIGIL or SUNDAY MASSES, you must still sign up ahead of time. The preferred method to sign up is using Flocknote Signups. Using Flocknote Signups, you can directly reserve any available spots for yourself and your household at Holy Mass.

To use this feature, you must be registered to our St. John the Baptist Flocknote email list. If you are not already registered, click the following link to add yourself to our list:

Once you are on our list, you will receive important updates from us about our St. John the Baptist community via Flocknote. You will also receive a monthly note that will include a sign-up sheet for the coming month. You should expect the September sign-ups in the middle of August. 

You may also contact us using one of the three methods below if you have a question or a special request. Otherwise, we encourage you to start using Flocknote Signups to reserve your spot to attend Sunday Mass or the Saturday Vigil. 

Phone call: (503) 757-7580

Text message: (503) 757-7580

Email: Signups