How to Leave a Legacy

Giving and sharing is an essential component of living. The Leave a Legacy program encourages people to make gifts to their favorite non-profit organizations. Below is a list of methods you can use to remember St. John's either directly or through the St. John's Catholic Community Foundation.

Direct Giving:

Remember loved ones with birthday, Christmas, or memorial gifts to the church or school, or donate a portion of a windfall (lottery winnings perhaps) for a specific purpose.

Estate Planning:

Take advantage of the (no cost to you) our estate planning consultant who has been hired to meet with parishioners and friends of St. John's to help understand the process and tax benefits of charitable giving plans. One way is naming St. John's  as beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA, or a life insurance policy. Another way is to set up a charitable remainder trust that consolidates all assets at death into a trust that then distributes a portion of earnings to your heirs over a period of 8-10 years, with the balance going to charity at the end of that period. This is called "Giving it Twice!"

Other Assets:

Consider using assets for your charitable gift. These include but aren't limited to stocks, bonds, real estate, vehicles, art, etc. Such gifts may even provide tax savings. We can help you set up a charitable annuity that will provide you income for life, with the remaining proceeds going to St. John's at your death.

St. John's Catholic Community Foundation:

Those who donate to the St. John's Catholic Community Foundation or name the Foundation in their estate plans automatically become members of the Legacy Society. Donations may be made in any amount and purpose, but a named fund (e.g. Gil and Kathryn Wolf School Endowment) usually requires a $10,000 commitment which can be paid over several years.

Endowments are invested permanently and prudently, with only the earnings from the fund being used. The principal of the fund is never touched. A gift given today would remain in the fund forever. If you gave $10,000 today to one of our endowment funds, in 100 years it would still be there growing and producing earnings to be used by the School or Church. A substantial endowment will allow St. John the Baptist to focus more on its ministries and Christian service in the Milwaukie area and relieve the pressure of day-to-day fundraising.

The goal of our two funds is to build a total endowment in excess of $10,000,000.